Cambio Shimano Tourney RDTX 800


SHIMANO TX800 Tourney TX Rear Derailleur: Elevate Your Cycling Experience

Optimise your cycling performance with the SHIMANO TX800 Tourney TX rear derailleur. With 8 speeds and Double Servo Panta mechanism, this rear derailleur guarantees efficiency on every ride.

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Weight: 200 grams

Long Description

The SHIMANO TX800 Tourney TX rear derailleur is the cycling accessory every enthusiast needs. Compatible with 7 and 8 speed systems, this rear derailleur offers lightweight, long-lasting action performance for freeriding and other demanding styles of cycling. With its quick-mount and 13/13D pulley, the rear derailleur is the perfect choice for those looking for efficiency and durability. Plus, it's available in two colour options - Black and Silver - to match the aesthetics of your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with a 7-speed chain?
Yes, it is compatible with 7 and 8 speed HG chains.

What is the total capacity of the pulley?

The total capacity is 43D.
How is it assembled?

The product offers a quick assembly with an Allen key type fixing screw.
What colours are available?

The rear derailleur is available in Black and Silver colours.
Does it come with an instruction manual?

Yes, dealer and user manuals are included in the package.

Why Buy This Product?

The SHIMANO TX800 Tourney TX rear derailleur offers a durable and efficient solution for the serious cyclist. With its Dual Servo Panta mechanism, it guarantees high quality shifting performance, making it a smart investment for your bike.


For cyclists looking for performance and reliability, the SHIMANO TX800 Tourney TX rear derailleur is the perfect choice. With its robust design and efficient mechanism, this rear derailleur offers an unparalleled cycling experience.

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