Lubricante barras de horquilla. Brunox

Lubricante barras de horquilla. Brunox', Rock Shox, fox, magura, etc,..


spray de 100 ml

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Weight: 200 grams

Application and effect
Like daily tooth care the endurance and function of a bicycle
fork can only be guaranteed by thorough and regular

A little BRUNOX® Deo is sprayed on between submerge- and stand-pipe before and after each tour. Afterwards, spring the fork shortly for several times and you can see suddenly the difference.
BRUNOX® Deo keeps the sealing rings in soft condition and does not adhesive dust. Optimal conditions for best performance.

BRUNOX® Deo has an excellent penetration ability because of the additive TURBOLINE, keeps the sealing rings smooth, so that you can execute your work even better.

Spray a little BRUNOX® Deo on to the fork pillars before
and after each ride and see the significant effect.
BRUNOX® Deo keeps the sealing rings flexible whilst resisting
dust; ensuring optimal conditions for best performance.
BRUNOX® Deo protects seals, adjusting screws, fixings
and all pneumatic parts of the forks. A few drops after cleaning
will act as a barrier to dirt and ensure long term protection.

BRUNOX® Deo is also recommended by SITTING BULL®
for sprung seat pillars.


tipo de accesorios
Para bici de
Mountain Bike