Sine Thesis Helmet

Sine Thesis Helmet


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Lite Ice: High strength for maximum firmness; luminescent material that glows in the dark for 1/2 hour. Its construction allows for greater ventilation air transfer improved by only 20% of the surface of the head covered with the hull is in contact with it.

In-Moulding Intelligent Fusion: Density material specifically tailored to the needs of the model.

Immersive layer polycarbonate.

Safe-T Advanced: Lighter and with a wider contact area, the pressure is distributed evenly.

Belts Air Lite: fiber technology revolutionizes polyester that help the evaporation of sweat and provides a fantastic tension combined with a very light weight. To provide additional visibility straps also come with reflective details.

Dividers side Air Lite: Ultra-thin design that helps reduce drag.

Encastadas straps on the anchor points: Improves aerodynamics and belt tension is better dissipated on impact.

Gel padding front of O2: hypoallergenic, antibacterial, made of polyurethane morfogel thermal stabilizer. It keeps cool front.

rear and side reflective stickers. also reflective details straps and side splitters.

included USB LED light that fits perfectly with the line of restraint. With 6 LEDs flashing or constant modes. safe and waterproof Night mode.

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