Met Espresso Helmet

Met Espresso Helmet


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IN-MOULDING INTELLIGENT FUSION: Different densities of materials depending on the needs of each model.

SAFE-T e-TWIST: Caster on the back for easy adjustment with one hand.
Strong-Fit side dividers: If you place them in the correct position, you can block them without any problem.

Removable visor, with three anchor points. Protect the face, especially the eyes, from branches, sun, rain or dirt that may rise from the ground.
Internal Padding: Antiallergenic fabrics. Hand washable.

Anti-insect net: prevents them from entering the helmet through the air intakes.

A single size for all: can be adjusted to cover sizes between 54 and 61 cm.

Reflective stickers, for night or tunnels. They make you visible to drivers approaching from behind.

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